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Complot S.Y.S.tem

Processo di ricerca a cui dal 2000 lavora un gruppo indipendente di artisti, che nella pluralità dei linguaggi rivolge una particolare attenzione alla relazione tra arte e architettura. Dal 2001 definisce un progetto per una città utopica, allegoria dei sensi, costruita con libri, CD, VHS ecc. che evoca la presenza sensuale e sensibile del corpo, tra immaginario e realtà.

Complot S.Y.S.tem (S.Y.S. save your soul) is an independent artistic group and a workshop about the body, the city and the art. Complot city is an utopian city. An allegory of the five senses. A place to live, "complot S.Y.S.tem metropolis" inhabiting like inhabiting the body. Modern architecture, modern art, town planning and built sculpture, photography, that is manifest rebellion against conformist and homesick descriptivism, more than a process of identification, identity and bound.

No work born out of good will or bad conscience.
Identity; bodily and mental schemes that coincide on sensibility of smoothness, of transparency; towers, enclosures, bridges, columns, porches and squares and roads an terraces, arteries, veins and vessels of a new body. Doors, mouths, stairs, guts, ramps, bits, underground, tunnels, and at the end of the tunnel: "...I can hear again the unturned prelude of those rough cords under Sunday's tram violin bow, The small white dices smile on the side gathered in circle like a huge denture between the fee foetid odour of tar and coal mixed with the nauseating smell of infinity." (Campana)
Jaws, bites, loving kisses, transformed into a town, predator's watching, grabbing, exchanging, Porta Portese, grabbing, incorporating, bringing to one's mouth, apple and poppy, samples of life, wanted life, caused life. Teethes. Colonnades of teethes, the most ancient stones inspired by them stay still in their silence.
"The gap from stone to metal was possibly the crucial step..." (Canetti). Smoothness is the secret symbol that foreshadows Modernity, the foundation and the building of cities, of sculpture, of poetry and of images. It's the experience of a bodily functionalism that generates a geometric image of the world, smooth and crystal clear; it's the finding of a real landing place for the pusher that aim at generating the image of world in which possibilities come true and not vice-versa. Representation doesn't generate (bodily) possibilities, rather, the consciousness of self and of not-self spreads out of bodily experience, so to build an image of the worldg and a three-dimensional horizon within the bounds of which one can be fully realized. Dream and will of an expansion and of a contraction of a living organism, pulsating, the house, the square, the city, post-organic ante litteram, tribute to Galileo, collective body. And instead the goes forward, faith and militarism on a horseback of techno-info-telematic automation. Books, food, film like a public an private building, dream, letatlin (fly bike).