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Complot S.Y.S.tem

Processo di ricerca a cui dal 2000 lavora un gruppo indipendente di artisti, che nella pluralità dei linguaggi rivolge una particolare attenzione alla relazione tra arte e architettura. Dal 2001 definisce un progetto per una città utopica, allegoria dei sensi, costruita con libri, CD, VHS ecc. che evoca la presenza sensuale e sensibile del corpo, tra immaginario e realtà.

The shopping centre next to the famous Bijenkorf Building built by Giò Ponti in the Seventies has been renewed and enlarged, updated to nowdays and future demands.

William Properties, BV., Rodamco, Rotterdam;
Arch. M. Fuksas.

The shopping centre next to the famous Bijenkorf Building built by Giò Ponti in the Seventies has been renewed and enlarged, updated to nowdays and future demands. This project is a revolution in thinking about the urban structure of Eindhoven. A public passage between the two buildings of Ponti and Fuksas has been created to connect the northern and southern part of the city; this passage is emphasised by a "forest" of giant sculptures (Mazzone's columns) that supports a long glass roof which extends also over the square in front. They are like a vision or a dream in the town. My art is a research and an investigation on the relation between the human body, sculpture and architecture. These sculptures are inspired by lessons of the past (Ponti) and lessons of contemporary masters (Carrino, Sol Le Witt, Serra, Heerich, Fuksas). The impression of each single sculpture by turning them around their proper axes and by being turned upside down, is different one by one. There are 12 columns. Their height is 24 meter and two of them are interrupted by the first floor of the building. The other ten columns reach directly the glass roof. On top of that the 3 front columns will be extended another 4 meter into the underground bike parking that will be realized in front of the complete project. The form of the sculptures I derived by superimposing plans from very famous works by Fuksas (Heroville Saint Claire, Mediateque of Rezè) and by Ponti (Montecatini Project, or Villa Planchart). The final form that results is a synthesis, or a different development, of the same plans. Elliptical voids have been carved out of the four floors of the shopping centre. The resulting space, a diagonal open tunnel, brings the natural light into all levels of the building (see Gordon Matta Clark). This void makes the philosophy of the building understandable in one single view. The facade, if "facade" is still the right term, will be glazed with a translucent glass that creates on the inside of the building a light sculpture, more than that: it transforms the whole building into a sculpture of light. From the roofterrace of the shopping centre a pedestrian bridge will be constructed to connect a Fuksas intervention (Media Markt) and the parking garage on the other side of the road. In front of it, on the public square, another building for shops and apartments having the shape of a glass shell will complete the urban intervention of the Piazza Project. Many persons and enterprises have contributed to the realisation of this big project: first of all Massimiliano Fuksas, who believed in me; then of course, the client; engineer A. Imbrenda from Rome who helped in every way; engineer Frans van den Broek (from Hursks Bouw en Vastgoed BV.) and all architects coming from Fuksas Studio (G. Pyckevet, T. Broekaert, K. Sullivan, M. Crò, F. Polacchi, T. Balbaa, C. Pena, J. Lindenthal, M. Stahlmann, T. Motasaraiva, S. Verkuijlen, M. Frugoni, G. Brancaleone, A. De Gioannis , A. Fornello, A. Marazzi, A. Bonetti etc.), Theo Dekkers and all the workers of the Smulders company, the staff of Mazzone Srl, Pittori e Scultori Associati (L. Luconi, A. Giovannucci, V. Astuto, N. Bottani, A. Monti, A. Romoli) and the artists from Complot S.Y.S.tem (O. Tiberti, N. Braga, A. Conte, N. Pallavicini, E. Coletta). Massimo Mazzone, s c u l t o r e. Lecture taked at Sabanci University, Istanbul and at U. D. K. Berlin, September, 2003.